Logo as a container

by Lor3nzo on October 19, 2007

Tim Manners from Reveries has the uncanny ability to take the essence of news, information, and fact from the marketplace, connecting the dots, and deliver to his audience models and patterns reflecting the trends of cultures, costumes and markets.

Today he tackles the interesting pattern of using the logo as a container, that can be adapted within certain context in order to engage the audience and reinforce the brand. If you believe that the brand belongs to its audience, and that the company that holds thee trademark is only a Trustee of the brand; the concept is very easy to “get” and to assimilate.

Markets are indeed conversations, and the logo is part of the conversation as well, with the Brand Trustee telling a relevant story, that resonates with the audience, and the audience interacting with the brand in ways that are inimaginable to the brand managers of circa 1995.

If you are overly obsessive about the minutia details of you highly serious brand, you might not want to poke fun at yourself, or modify the logo unless it is approved by the board under recommendation of a subcommittee with the proper focus group and market research, but if variety and fun is your brand personality, why not add a little spice and variety to your brand, starting with your logo?

SODB Yin Yang logo SODB Yin Yang logo color

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